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Realtime T2601 Flap Barrier


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The Realtime T2601 flap barrier is a new safety device for use in construction sites. This product is designed to prevent flying debris from hitting people working at heights.

The T2601 is designed to provide protection from flying debris or other objects during construction activities.

The Realtime T2601 Flap Barrier has been specifically designed to allow workers to safely perform tasks such as drilling, cutting, welding, painting, and more while protecting them from flying debris. The T2601 is made up of two parts – the top panel and the bottom panel. The top panel is designed to cover the worker’s head and shoulders. The bottom panel covers the rest of the body. Both panels are connected by a hinge mechanism that allows the user to open and close the panels.


Model T 2601
Flap Type Single / Double
Product Size 1500*185*1021mm
Passage Width 750 mm
Material Structure SS # 304 Stainless Steel Wire Drawing Body
Outer box Gauge 1.5 mm thickness
Channel width 600-1200mm
Rotation Direction Bi-Directional / Uni-Directional
Switch-on Signal Dry Contact & High-low-level signals
Driving motor DC 24V brushless motor, no noise
Direction of traffic One-way traffic / Two-way traffic; speed: 35-40 people/ minute
Opening mode ID/IC card reader verification, infrared induction automatic opening, button opening, etc.
IP Protection IP 55
Protection function Encoder limit, electromechanical anti-collision, infrared anti-pinch, illegal intrusion infrared alarm
Barrier closing dela User configurable 1-60 Sec
Movement Failure rate 500 million trouble-free operation
Switching Time ?1sec
Infrared Quantity 6 pairs
Power Supply 110 -230 V AC +/- 10
AC Input Power : 90 ~ 100 Watt
Motor Type 12 Volt DC
Applicable temperature – 20 ~ 75C
Humidity ? 95%
Certificate CE, IP44
Application For People Restricted Entry / Exit at Industries, Factory, Railway Station, Office, Parks, etc.
Advantage : 1. SS #304 Stainless Steel Wire Drawing Body.
2. Bi-Directional / Uni-Directional.
3. Acrylic Transparent 12mm Flap.
4. Passenger count speed: 35-40 people/minute.
5. Angle collision avoidance.
6. Current anti-clamping.
7. With voice prompt function.
8. Infrared alarm for illegal intrusion.
9. Reverse the alarm when switching on the card and opening the brake.
10. Digital positioning and collision avoidance design of Encoder.
11. . Encoder adopts imported electrical components, which have better shock resistance, Vibration resistance, and stability of output pulse signal.
12. First-line brand motor.
13. Directional Line LED Light Indicator.
14. LED Light on Flap Barrier.
15 . Domestic first-line brand infrared, high light resistance: Limit Light resistance 100,000 LUX
16. Domestic light resistance angle 6 C.
17. Protection Grade IP44.


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