About What we are? About What we do? About How we do? About What about us in detail?

You can find below all the details about us.

Who Are We

ARC GROUPS real means “All Rounding Creative Groups”. In short, we are all-rounders and anyone can see and feel it in our done works. We are proving ourselves as our name says.

Our Mission

Making an extraordinary business ecosystem for all business and customer entities. Which will be 100% beneficial & profitable for all jointing people to ARC GROUPS.

What We Do

We explore new things and serve all our B2B and B2C customers. We are doing many things to make business and life living very easy.

Our History

When ARC GROUPS started its business journey and took our first step we don’t konw how far and how long time we will take to achieve our business goals. But we know how to find the things with never stopping spirit. 

Later on we have started the journey with schools and set a milestone as a supplier who brings the extremely new things and amaze the school, students and parents also. But its not our final journey its our the first checkpoint that we have done so efficiently. After that we have explore more new things and working it with our so many new and old clients. 

Every milestone what we have set is the old stair and after this we prepared for the next stair for climb. What we are doing in currently its also a big thing for us and every succeded checkpoint set a new challenge in front of us for exploring new things.

Our 6∞ Process

Lead Aquisition

Firstly we acquire the lead from our various lead generator methods and passed it for our lead confirmation process to validate it. Thereafter all lead related information verified we take the next step. 


Any miscalulations or mis information if we have to process before the next level we filtered in this step. We know the customer satisfaction is a major part for us and building the great image of us in their mindset.

Work Alignment

After first two process we start the work as soon as possible according to captured lead information and done the job in a particular time frame. Yes some times due to some out or in reasons we change the time line as per the job needs.


We try very hard to completed the job and recheck all the steps which is included in job process. After all things done we tick the succession part step.


We collect the client satisfaction level in this step. We know how much client satisfaction is necessary for us. We take from our various parameters what we have set to accumulate it.

Follow Up

The final step which never forget the client because we not only doing our job we build relations between client and us. Because we have told that we explore new things who knows the explored things is great for which client.

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Why Choose Us?

What we have done, what we doing, and what we will doing we are the best, because we have learnt so much from our failures and never repeat the bad things in our work. 

We support to our all clients with our project after or before the job completions. Clients gave us verbal awards for this many times. 

We have 100% of of succession result in every project what we have took. This is appricated by most of our client tele.

What services we are giving is awarded by many of our existing clients. They not only awarded rather they have promote us to all other our new clients.

Our core management  team build the excellent Return of Investment initiatives for our all transactions between clinet and us. Its measured and applied. 

Our core management team has a decade of professional experience of working with clients and our front end team has couple of years of experience doing work in very efficient manner. It surplus the back bone team experience.

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On Going Projects
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