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We bring here world’s most latest and advance security systems help you to protect your office, home or any area from any misshappening.

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about our philosophy

We know why security services are so important to any business entity or home. We are dedicated to securing every business or home that wants to be secured with our advanced security systems.


We have a wide product range with our expert engineers’ high-class installation services. We have CCTV, Access Control, Fire Alarm Systems, Anti-theft or Intruder Alarm Systems, Attendance Machine, Entrance Control, Metal Detectors, Baggage Scanners, Bollards, Barriers and many systems which are protected many business and home entities for the past few years continuously. 

Our Services

For Corporates & Indsutries

CCTV Surveillance System Installation

Secure your Home & Office with high quality non-stop 24×7 working CCTV Surveillance System by us.

Biometric Attendance machine Installation

If you want to calculate all your staff attendance and salaries at once, then you are in the right place. We are the best machine provider.

Access Control machine Installation

Want to authenticate the right access to the right user on a right time and place then you must have to higher us for right machines.

Turnstile & Barrier Installation

If you have a large no. of staff in your office, then you must worry about the right person. Don’t worry, we are here to solve this issue.

arc office

Boom Barrier Installation

If you want to control the access of vehicles incoming or outgoing from your premises, You will need to install our high-class Boom Barrier with long-range RFID systems. This system not only controls your two-way vehicles; it also prevents unauthorised access of any vehicle or person to your premises.

Baggage Scanner Installation

If you are worried about any person’s baggage, we want to tell you to please leave it to our world-class, high-efficiency baggage scanners. Our scanners will reveal all the secrets of any closed or packed baggage of any small or medium size. The different colour coding of many substances makes it easy to understand.

Bollard Installation

If you have a very tight security service premises, then you need a fully automatic, very heavy duty boltard to prevent any vehicle incoming or outgoing access. 

Automatic Gate Installation

These gates have become very necessary for all modern offices. Gates will automatically open or close when a human appears in front of the gate. 

Tyre Killers Installation

Tyre killers are mostly used by the traffic police for controlling the direction of road traffic. Tyre killers kills the tyre if it try to cross the killer from the wrong way. 

Smart Office Setup

By Smart Office gadgets every office premises can be automate many daily tasks. We are covering all things which makes the office smart and better. Automatic sensors are the key things. 

Fire Fighting Products Installation

From Automatic Smoke Detection to Fire Alarms, CO2 cylinders, anti-smoke gun, fire balls, fire retardent materials, full functional fire prevention system and human fire fighting clothes, gloves, shields, helmets, and other accessories we are providing all to our valuable consumers. These gadgets & accessories are high in quality and from world class brands. 

Intruder Alarm System Installation

We have Ajax’s world leading brand of Intruder Alarm System mobile and cloud based monitoring system. Apart of this we have so many other brands of manufacturing wired or wireless Intruder Alarm security services System, Sensors, Central Hub, Mesh Devices, Wires and other accessories for serving the best quality and product..

arc industry

Health Products Installation

How we can left the health of yours and your loved one’s? We bring you here many fitness gadgets to health monitoring systems like Pulse Oximeter, IR Temperature Gun, BP Monitoring System, ECG System etc. 

EAS System Installation

If you have any type of showroom for garments, grocery store, jewellery store, precious gems store, electronics store and other then you must need a anti-theft system for preventing any item outgoing without purchase. 

Smart Door Lock Installation

Now the time has gone of traditional locks for opening and closing the door of high security rooms and cabins. Now its the time of Smart Biometric & App based door lock systems for next level security and door access.

Door Metal Detector Installation

If you want to prevent any type of metal item in or out from any specific area then you need to install a Door Frame Metal Detector for doing the same. We are the exprts of this product installation and procurement. 

arc industry new

Parking Management System Installation

If you want to manage large no. of vehicles in society, apartments, public parking lots, private parking lots, corporate area, malls, public or private plaes smartly then you need us. We have wide range of Parking Management Systems for all parking places. 

Patrolling Products Installation

We engaging search and patrolling products for private or government based security professionals. Search Torch Light, Guard Patrolling System, Walkie-Talkie, Geo Fencing and many other patrolling items we are offering for all our valuable clients.

Elevator Controller Installation

Are you working in mutli-story building with co-working space area? Then you daily face the elevator misuse for people going one office to another mistakenly or intentionally. We have the solution for this issue with our systems. 

PA & Conference System Installation

Every office wants general PA system and audio/video conferencing system for daily meetings with seniors and customers. We have the latest hardware, software with cloud application for better experience.

Display & Interactive Panel Installation

From normal industrial grade display unit to interactive smart board panel we have installed so many units to our private and government buyer’s. We have the wide range of large size of latest display units and smart panels. 

Softwares & Tools Installation

Every smart hardware needs a software to work in more effecient way and daily operation easeness. We have ERP to customized software for all business entities for work better and most effecient way.

Our Services

For Homes (Plots, Flats & Apartments)

Smart Home Setup

You can control your home appliances, lights, AC, TV and almost all devices from your phone while the go with our Smart Device Controllers. We made life easy and simple with use of IOT based technology.

Electronic Safe Installation

We have wide range of electronic safe which are fingerprint, card and password based. We have installed many size of electronic safe for our valuable client for thier precious things.

CCTV Camera Installation

CCTV Camera is now become most important aspect in these days for homes. With high quality products Hikvision, CP Plus, etc. we are ready to protect your homes with 24×7 recording and notifications.

Video Door Phone Installation

Video Door Phone is one of the most special and smart device which prevent unauthorized access of any staranger who want to enter in the home intentionally. We have the widest range of these items.

IP Video Intercom Installation

If you are living in multi-story residential apartments and societies then you know what is the importance of a intercom system. But here we have the IP based Video Intercom Security Services System with lots of single and bulk option features.  

Display Unit Installation

If you want to enhance your home interior then we can help you with our high-end industrial standard based Display Units. These are large in size and feel you extraordinary live view of any entertainment or informational content.

arc home

Baby Monitoring Camera Setup

Our Baby Monitoring camera gives you the extra work time for your home and office work without any hassle. Many automatic and manual features allows you to monitor your baby from far away of your home. We have done millions of setup in pan India. 

Fire Fighting Products Installation

Our Fire Fighting Products prevents from all future fire mishappening in your home. They can alert you before any such type of incedents occur. Also automatic water spreading system covers any type of fire spreaded in the house. We have more product range also.

Anti-theft Alarm System Installation

This product is the best in the market if your are far away from your home. You have to just fixed our wireless differnt type of sensors in your gate, walls, glasses, roof for preventing any theft incident. We have done many projects of these devices in India.

Smart Parking system Installation

If you are living in a villa, or a multi-story apartments then you need a smart pakring solution for your vehicles. Our automatic Garage Door, NPR, UHF, Personal Parking Device will give the smartness for parking and management.

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Projects Done

Summarize View Of Our Past & Ongoing Projects

– Corporate Sector

CCTV Setup 90%
Attendance Machine 98%
Access Control System 95%
Turnstiles 65%
Metal Detectors 77%
Baggage Scanners 75%
Software Installation 99%
Boom Barriers 81%

– Home Sector

CCTV Camera Installation 95%
VDP Installation 78%
Ani-theft Systems 68%
Smart Home Setup 70%
Baby Camera Installation 98%
Health Products 80%

#No. 1 Security Systems Installation Service Provider

Latest Done Projects Actual Images


T-Series Noida
AMC Service

We have done AMC Service for Biometric Device to very well known Digital Media Company T-Series from last 2 years. 

zolo stays


A new startup company Zolo which gives room on rent basis. we have secured many properties for right access.



Well known Indian Fuel & Energy company we have solved multi-location attendance problem of staffs. 

ihdp noida

IHDP Noida Campus

Well-known IHDP Noida Campus has employee access issue. We have solved their attendance and access issue.

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