Flap Barrier Gate Realtime Turnstile T2501


Product Features:

Customizable functions:

face recognition, fingerprint, two-dimensional code, manual button, remote switch, etc.

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Flap Barrier Gate Realtime Turnstile T2501

Flap barrier gate It can easily be integrated with any kind of Access Control system (i.e. RFID device, Fingerprint, Biometric device and Push-button), Time Attendance system or Ticketing solutions. Flap Barrier Gate, In case of emergency, the arm will open automatically with the “DROP ARM” feature to allow free passage ensuring Fire Safety norms.

Thanks to its patented locking technology, it is impossible for anyone to become trapped in the event of power failure or attempted unauthorized access. The access throughput from the barrier/gate is 30 persons/minute.

We have a unidirectional, bidirectional, single lane, dual lane and customizable lanes to suit Customer requirements. They are purely suitable And are optimized for indoor/outdoor premises Like- railways, bus stations, factories, colleges, commercial buildings, corporate offices, libraries, stadiums, game parks, banks and etc.

Product Specifications:

Appearance size (mm) 1200*300*980; Packaging size (mm): 1220*310*1000 Wing door width 265 mm; Channel width: 550 mm
Box thickness full-thickness 1.0mm
Equipment material composition stainless steel, acrylic; door wing material can be customized
Configuration of core standard wing gate core, with brush DC 24V
Direction of traffic one-way/two-way traffic
Opening mode ID/IC card reader verification, infrared induction automatic opening, button opening, etc.
Switch-on Signal Dry Contact Signal
Speed 30-40 people per minute
Protection function infrared anti-clip, illegal intrusion infrared alarm (domestic first-line brand, used outside the city)
Protection Level IP32 or above
Customizable functions face recognition, fingerprint, two-dimensional code, manual button, remote switch, etc.
Working environment indoor and outdoor (with canopy outside)
Working temperature – 20 C ~ 70 C; Relative humidity: less than 95%, no condensation.


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