Mantra RD Service Download & Recharge | MFS100

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Service Features:

  • Very easy to recharge, just buy the product rest things we will do in a few minutes between 10-6 PM.
  • Validity period available as per usage and user requirement.
  • Successful Activation of serial no. in just a couple of minutes after successful payment and order transaction with us.
  • Supports on all old MFS 100 Devices.
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Mantra RD Service Download & Recharge | MFS100

Mantra RD Service Download & Recharge | MFS100 | Mantra RD service is now available with us for the old MFS100 Fingerprint Scanner. This is very essential service to work with the UIDAI server for Aadhar authentication data. This RD service fully named “Registered Device” is very well known in the Internet market.

If any device is not registered in the MFS100 mantra rd service download Server then it can’t work with the UIDAI server for Aadhar authentication. This RD service works as a bridge between the MFS100 device and the UIDAI server for any Aadhar authentication of any user.

There is a certain validation limit of Mantra RD Service Download & Recharge | MFS100 i.e. it comes every year. First-year of the new device’s RD services is offered free of cost. After finishing the first year of free RD service validity time, the user must renew the RD service with us with very nominal charges.

About the Mantra MFS100 Fingerprint Scanner for Aadhar Authentication:

Mantra MFS100 USB Fingerprint Aadhar Scanner is designed and manufactured by Mantra. Use of this device is: it’s an all-purpose biometric device for Aadhar Authentication and Fingerprint capturing with 1 Year of free RD Service and warranty.

Mantra MFS100 grey & black and mantra rd service download can be used for KYC verification, Aadhaar All SIM activation for bank purposes, capturing digital signature scanning fingerprints, the portable fingerprint scanner, and biometric device Mantra MFS100 is an all-in-one feature extractor and matcher onboard device.

The Mantra MFS100 USB Fingerprint Aadhar Scanner and Mantra Rd service download can capture digital fingerprints and signatures. A stand-alone device that can be used for verification, enrollment, and identification through biometrics.

From Aadhaar-based SIM card activation to KYC verification, this device can capture and store biometric data for easy verification.

Personal identification is essential for a wide range of desktop applications from access to workstations to cashless payment, etc.

The MFS100 series draws on Mantra’s patented optical technology and fingerprint algorithms – recognized worldwide for their high levels of performance and exceptional robustness – to enhance client security with the power of biometrics.

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