Electromagnetic Lock HSN Code- Full detail of the #1 Best Locking Device

The electromagnetic lock HSN code falls in the 8301 main categories. The electromagnetic lock, also known as an EM lock or mag lock, is a type of locking device that uses an electromagnetic field to keep the door locked. Electromagnetic locks are commonly used in access control systems, and they are known for their high level of security, ease of use, and versatility.

The electromagnetic lock HSN code is 8301-06. The HSN (Harmonized System of Nomenclature) is a standardized system used to classify goods and products for the purpose of customs tariffs and taxes. The HSN code 8301 is used to classify “locks and lock-making parts and accessories” and is the code typically used for electromagnetic locks.

essl em lock 600lbs-w-fd
Electromagnetic Lock HSN Code- Full detail of the #1 Best Locking Device 7

Electromagnetic lock HSN Code EM Locks are highly secure and are often used in high-security environments such as government buildings, banks, and airports. The locking mechanism is based on a strong electromagnetic field that holds the door locked in place. To unlock the door, the electromagnetic field must be deactivated, which is typically done using a control panel or access card reader.

One of the key benefits of electromagnetic lock HSN code em lock is their ease of use. They are simple to install and require no mechanical moving parts, making them highly reliable and low maintenance. Additionally, electromagnetic locks are versatile and can be used in a variety of applications, including doors, gates, and other access control systems.

realtime em 1200 lbs single leaf lock
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Another important advantage of electromagnetic lock HSN code EM lock is their level of security. Electromagnetic locks are designed to withstand attempts to break or tamper with the locking mechanism, and they are often used in conjunction with other security measures such as surveillance cameras and access control systems. Additionally, electromagnetic locks can be programmed to meet specific security requirements, making them a highly customizable solution.

Electromagnetic Lock HSN Code and Lock Variants

electromagnetic lock hsn code
EM Lock 600 LBS

The electromagnetic Lock HSN Code is 8301 for all types of em locks. 100 LBS to 2400 LBS all locks fall in this HSN category. Also, RIM Lock Strike Locks and other types of access control locks also fall into this category.

An electromagnetic Lock HSN Code EM Lock with 600 LBS or 280KG force can be applied but it will not open. This is a single-door electromagnetic lock that works on 12 volts at least 2 amp of current for locking the door from one side. When it’s fitted in any door full glass, framed glass, wooden, metal, or sliding door it’s blocked one side opening of the gate.

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Electromagnetic Lock HSN Code- Full detail of the #1 Best Locking Device 9

Electromagnetic Lock 600 LBS has 280 kg magnetic lock holding force with LED light blinking red for close and green for open. It can be opened by pushing a button or any access control device. It’s still used with attendance machines, access controllers, multi-door access controllers, normal push buttons, etc. devices.

This magnetic lock mechanism is widely and broadly used in every type of door access control setup is very easy to set up, up, and maintain, and has long durability to work. It’s built from aluminum alloy material and the average weight is 1.5 kg. For opening in an emergency cut power is the only option for opening this type of lock or you can make more than 280 kg force to open the gate otherwise it won’t open.

electro magnetic em lock 100 lbs 2
Electro Magnetic EM Lock 100 LBS 2

Product Specification:

Holding Force600 lbs (280 kg)
Ideal forMain Door, Glass Door, Metal Door, Framed Glass Door
ApplicationWooden Door, Glass Door, Metal Door, Framed Glass Door, Sliding Door, etc.
Unlocking ModeExit Push Switch
FeaturesDurable Nature, Less Maintenance, Super Finish, Trouble Free Performance
Usage/ApplicationWooden Door, Glass Door, Metal Door
Item Weight500-1000 grams
Voltage12/ 24 Volts
Armature Size L X W X D Mm18 * 3.9 * 1.1cm
Holding Force Kg280 kg (600 lbs.)
Magnet Size L X W X D Mm25L*4.7W*2.5H mm,25L*4.7W*2.5Hcm
WarrantyOne Year Warranty
Led IndicatorRED/Green led Indicator
Power Input12 Volts, 12/24 Volts
Working Current1A
Power12/24 volts

In conclusion, the electromagnetic lock is a highly secure and versatile locking device that is widely used in access control systems. With its ease of use, high level of security, and versatility, it is no surprise that it is considered one of the best-looking devices available. The HSN code 8301 is used to classify electromagnetic locks for the purpose of customs tariffs and taxes, and it is a widely recognized and recognized code in the industry.

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