Biometric Attendance System Delhi- Realtime Best #2 Brand in India

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Biometric Attendance System Delhi Realtime is a well-known brand locally and globally. Realtime is based in Pandav Nagar and operates the whole of India. They have many biometric attendance and access control devices as well as a variety of entrance control systems.

A biometric attendance system is a device that uses technology to record and track attendance. The system is based on the unique biometric characteristics of an individual, such as their fingerprint, face, iris, or hand geometry. Biometric attendance systems have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their accuracy, efficiency, and ease of use. Biometric Attendance System Delhi, the real-time #2 brand for biometric attendance systems is widely recognized for its innovative technology and superior performance.

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Realtime Hardware Software Solution Expert

One of the key benefits of using a biometric attendance system is its accuracy. Unlike traditional attendance systems, which rely on manual methods such as sign-in sheets or time cards, biometric systems use a person’s unique biometric data to ensure that only the correct person can log their attendance. This eliminates the possibility of buddy punching, where one employee signs in for another, and ensures that attendance records are accurate and reliable.

In addition to accuracy, biometric attendance systems also offer convenience and efficiency. Since the system uses biometric data to record attendance, there is no need for employees to remember usernames and passwords, or to manually sign in and out of the system. This saves time and makes the process of recording attendance much faster and more streamlined.

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Realtime RT-08 Finger-Clipped Oximeter

Biometric Attendance System Delhi also offers a high level of security. Since biometric data is unique to each individual, it is much more difficult to fake or manipulate than other forms of identification. This makes the biometric systems ideal for sensitive environments, such as government agencies or financial institutions, where the highest level of security is required.

Another benefit of Biometric Attendance System Delhi is that they generate a wealth of data that can be used to improve business processes and decision-making. The system can provide real-time information about employee attendance, punctuality, and work hours, which can be used to improve scheduling, manage overtime, and track productivity.

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Realtime Best Fingerprint Attendance System

Realtime Biometrics is the #2 brand of Biometric Attendance System Delhi is known for its high-quality hardware and software. The company offers a range of biometric systems, including fingerprint readers, facial recognition systems, and iris scanners, which are designed to meet the unique needs of different organizations. The company’s software is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for employees to use the system and for administrators to manage and analyze the data.

Realtime RS20 is one of the best Wifi based Biometric Attendance System Delhi which has Fingerprint Capacity Attendance, Attendance Recorder, Fingerprint, ID Card, and Password for official use purposes.

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Realtime RS-20 Wifi Biometric Attendance Machine

Biometric Attendance System Delhi | Realtime

This device has all the types of communication features which can communicate with the computer system which has the relevant software of the real-time hardware. It has Wifi, LAN, USB, and Pan Drive output for data transfer between the software and the device itself.

Biometric Attendance System Delhi Realtime RS20 is the Access Control Fingerprint device that is available. R20 attendance device has 3000 fingerprint templates, 3000 ID cards, and 2000000 attendance records. This device is working both offline and online. It has included a color display of 2.4 inches and the display language is English. Realtime RS20 has a 12V DC 2 AMP power supply and WI FI, USB Drive/Link, and TCP/IP communication interface. RS20 gives 3 hours of battery backup.

We provide Time Attendance and Access Control Biometric Devices. The Brand Product is real-time and the Model is RS20.

Product Specifications:

Fingerprint Users:3,000
Card User :3,000
Password User :3,000
Attendance Records :2,00,000
Fingerprint Verification Mode :1:1, 1:N
Working Mode:Offline/Online
Verification :Fingerprint, ID Card, Password
Combination :FP+Card, PIN+Card, FP+PIN, FP+PIN+Card
Verification Time:≥1.0s
False Rejection Rate :<0.01%
False Acceptance Rate :<0.0001%
Finger Print Sensor :Optical Sensor
Screen :2.4 inches (Color Display)
Display Language:English
Communication :Wi-fi, USB Drive/Link, TCP/IP
Working Humidity:20%-60%
Working Temperature :0°C-50°C
Power Supply :12V DC, 2 Amp.
Idle Current:400mA
Working Current :500mA
Sound Indicator:Buzzer, Voice
Access Control:Built-in
Battery Backup :Built-in ( 3 Hours)

In conclusion, biometric attendance systems offer a number of benefits over traditional attendance systems, including accuracy, efficiency, security, and the ability to generate valuable data. The real-time #2 brand of biometric attendance systems in Delhi is widely recognized for its innovative technology and superior performance and is a trusted choice for organizations seeking to improve their attendance tracking processes.

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