RFID Scratch Thin Cards | IDTech

Product Features:

  • Advanced RFID Technology
  • Sleek and Slim Design
  • Customizable Options
  • Impeccable Craftsmanship
  • Identity Theft Prevention

RFID Scratch Thin Cards | IDTech

RFID Scratch Thin Cards are used across the world as a popular marketing activity as the cards provide users with some element of surprise. On scratching the cards, they know about the items or money they have won right away and can claim the small win then and there.

At ARC GROUPS, we are a top scratch card manufacturer and supplier who can take care of your every need in designing and delivering the cards.

Our expertise in designing and developing an entire range of card products comes in handy for businesses who want to surprise customers by providing them with these cards. As leading scratch card manufacturers in India, we are responsible for making high-quality RFID Scratch Thin cards.

You can completely rely on our skills in the printing of scratch cards in one colour or multiple colours on single or both sides of the cards. We ensure that RFID Scratch Thin cards have vibrant colour reproduction to ascertain the best results.

We manufacture a wide range of cards. We are one of the few card manufacturers in India who can provide you with the full range of all types of smart cards. You can depend on us for high-quality radius-cut rounded corners scratch cards. All the requirements of the card size, design, shape, and other specifications are fully met.

As reliable RFID Scratch Thin cards suppliers, we ascertain that you get the cards as per your requirements such as a special security scratch panel, individual packing on each card, variable data print on each colour, bulk packing and dispatching of cards and so on.

Our clients know us also for the best quality of one side multicolour printing, with another side of the card being in single or four colours. Our speciality is in customizing the cards as per your specifications of the logo, image, dimension, etc. We also ensure the authenticity of our manufactured scratch cards with its data.

Since we are a leading scratch card manufacturer, you can completely depend on our comprehensive range of cards. We make these cards only with top-quality plastic sheets. The cards vary in thickness, colours, and size as is your requirement.

While most of our clients demand rectangular and square-shaped scratch cards, we are capable of delivering the cards in customized shapes and sizes. All types of card dealers can depend on us for a reliable supply of high-quality Plastic cards that are durable and easy to carry. We do bulk packaging as per the client’s requirements.


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