RFID Cards Online 125 KHz Thin | Set of 100

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Product Features:

  • Brand OEM
  • Type One-Sided
  • Size 86X54 MM CR80
  • Material Plastic, PVC
  • Shape Rectangular
  • Color White/multicolor Printing

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RFID Cards Online 125 KHz Thin | Set of 100

RFID Cards Online 125 KHz Thin | Set of 100 is now available here. Proximity Cards are a very essential method for punching into the access control or attendance machine.

Streamlined Security with RFID Cards Set of 100

Seamless Access at 125 KHz

Experience a new level of convenience and security with our RFID Cards online operating at 125 KHz. This set of 100 proximity cards ensures seamless access control, allowing authorized personnel swift and efficient entry. Elevate your security measures with advanced technology, enhancing the overall safety of your premises.

Ultra-Thin Design for Everyday Ease

Our Thin RFID Cards online redefine portability and convenience. With a sleek and ultra-thin design, these cards effortlessly slip into your wallet or cardholder. Elevate your daily routines without compromising on security. These cards blend seamlessly into your lifestyle, ensuring secure access without the bulk.

Expand Your Security Horizon

The set of 100 RFID Cards online offers a scalable solution for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, these cards provide a robust and cost-effective means of access control. Elevate your security infrastructure with a reliable and expandable solution that grows with your business.

White RFID Thin Proximity Cards have the following applications and features.

  • Versatile Use: School, College, Hospital, Corporate Office, Industry, Factory, Small Office, Government Dept., R&D Projects, etc.
  • High Graded Tested Cards for the high quality of punching needs.
  • All cards have a unique serial no. printed on every card.
  • Thermal Printable, stickers also can be pasted on the Cards.

In addition to the security industry, access control maintains its constant growth among many organizations around the globe. This includes our customers! The majority of them are using some type of RFID Thin Proximity Cards for access control, ticketing, toll, time & attendance, and other applications.

ARC GROUP is a manufacturer of all types of Smart cards, RFID cards, and Access cards with customized printing.

A proximity card is a contactless card that can read without inserting it into a reader device.

When we talk about the security industry, we can say access control is constantly in demand around the globe. Majorly clients are using Proximity Cards (RFID Card, Access Card, etc.)for access control in offices, toll, attendance, etc.

A proximity Card has a microchip inside which can be used for a single function only with a Proximity Card (RFID) card reader. In this proximity (RFID) card reader works with a number or site code number after it can be verified with a remote computer.

One can use it for door access as well. Like many access systems read its ID no. only.

Product Specification:

Brand OEM
Type One-Sided
Size 86X54 MM CR80
Material Plastic, PVC
Shape Rectangular
Color White/multicolor Printing
Use Office/College, Event, Exhibition
Printable Yes
THICKNESS 0.8 /+_ 0.4 MM,0.760 MICRONS
Minimum Order Quantity 100 Piece


Weight 500 g
Dimensions 20 × 24 × 22 cm


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