Best Door Lock With Touch Keypad | MXR70 | Mantra

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Product Features:

  • Material: Zinc Alloy, Acrylic
  • Mortise: Center Distance: 68mm; Backset: 60mm
  • Applicated Door Thickness:35~110mm
  • Power: 6V (Alkaline AA battery x4)
  • Battery Life Time: 5000~6000 times
  • Emergency Power: Micro-USB
  • Operating Temperature: -15~55°C
  • Fingerprint Sensor: Optical Sensor
  • Password: 6 Digits
  • Mechanical Keys: 2 Keys
  • 1-year manufacturing warranty by the brand.

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Best Door Lock With Touch Keypad | MXR70 | Mantra

Best Door Lock With Touch Keypad | MXR70 | Mantra has been designed, developed & manufactured by Mantra. We are the pan India Distributor for Mantra devices. Mantra is a leading smart lock & digital door hardware startup, to make your life easier. MXR70 is a smart lock designed to let you lock and unlock your gate from just outside of your home and near the lock-fitted gate.

It’s the next-generation smart lock, and we’re ready to help you secure your home. Welcome to the future of smart locks. We want to help millions of people live more comfortably in their homes. We’re dedicated to serving all security systems needed by all Indian consumers.

It can be a lever lock, but make sure it’s a touch-pad lock. This type of lock lets you access your home without having to use a key or code. You can configure your lock to allow access in certain situations, such as when you’re visiting a friend, when you’re in your car, or when you’re home but away from home. Touchpad locks also tend to be more secure than traditional locks. The keypad is usually located at the top of the lock, where it can be used to enter a code that will allow you to access your home.

The lock can also be accessed by your hand, so you won’t have to break the glass panel to gain access to your home. Touchpad locks are more secure than traditional deadbolts and offer the convenience of being able to access your home without having to use a key or code. They’re also a great option for anyone who wants extra security or doesn’t want to leave a key in a conspicuous place.

Best Door Lock With Touch Keypad | MXR70 | Mantra Product Specifications:

Material Zinc Alloy, Acrylic
Mortise Center Distance:68mm;Backset:60mm
Applicated Door Thickness 35~110mm
Power 6V (Alkaline AA battery x 4)
Battery Life Time 5000~6000 times
Emergency Power Micro-USB
Operating Temperature -15~55°C
Fingerprint Sensor Optical Sensor
Password 6 Digits
Mechanical key 2 Keys
Weight 2500 g
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 20 cm


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