Until now IRIS recognition was used in conjunction with computer or any high end embedded system. As mobile technology is used almost by everyone and there is a continuous requirement of security on mobile phones, Mantra has identified that IRIS recognition can be used effectively with mobile phones and tablets.

Mantra MOBIIRIS IRIS Scanner is India’s first mobile IRIS module for mobile users. MobiIRIS is used with Mantra’s world-class mobile-enabled IRIS recognition SDK to equip any mobile phone/tablet with IRIS recognition technology.

Mantra MobilIRIS Scanner module can be integrated with any mobile platform with the Android operating system. This comes with 5 critical components (Sensor, Extractor, LED Illuminator, Lens & Image Acquisition Display & ControlSW), which will be approved by UIDAI/STQC.

Iris recognition is an automated method of biometric identification that uses mathematical pattern recognition.

Fast recognition: MobiIRIS gives recognition of IRIS within 1 sec. It is faster than unlocking phone by pattern or passkey.

User friendly: MobiIRIS scan eyes from 15mm-22mm. Long-distance gives required flexibility and user need not adjust according to the camera.

Secured: MobiIRIS is far more secured than traditional fingerprint, pattern, key or Password.

Fastest Integration : MobiIRIS gives fastest integration as technology is ready with 5 critical components.

Exception Friendly : MobiIRIS can successfully capture and Match occluded images, images with pupil dilation, motion blur etc.

Higher Security : IRIS recognition is hard to spoof as inbuilt spoof detection software will detect spoof in most of the cases.

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