Mantra MAPRO OX Optical Biometric Fingerprint Scanner

MAPRO OX is a compact and lightweight biometric fingerprint scanner used for precise identity verification and user authentication requirements. The device is developed using advance optical fingerprint capturing technology that offers higher image quality.

MAPRO OX is an easy-to-use optical fingerprint scanner, devised smartly utilizing the state-of-the-art optical technology for greater accuracy and a high level of performance. It is a compact and portable fingerprint scanner, which can be carried efficiently to any place.

Mapro OX is a faster, accurate and reliable fingerprint scanner used for the authentication and verification purposes. Mapro OX is a portable device that is easy to carry anywhere at any time for the identification of an individual. The device is scratch resistant hence it will have a longer life. Mapro OX is MINEX compliance extractor.

Our optical fingerprint scanner is a compact and portable device that is easy to carry anywhere, anytime for secure identity verification and authentication project requirements. The device offers a reliable, accurate, and ergonomic identification solution to meet the security needs of the projects. MAPRO OX is an easy-to-use and easy-to-install single-mode biometric optical fingerprint device.

Designed with advanced optical fingerprint technology, MAPRO OX offers excellent image resolution and accuracy. Moreover, the scratch-resistant sensor surface protects our optical fingerprint scanner from external damages, providing it with a longer lifespan. MAPRO OX is devised smartly with MINEX compliant extractor for better biometric fingerprint matching.

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